Do Something Nice

When was the last time you went out of your way to do something nice?  When did you do something nice-just for the sake of being nice? Seriously, take a minute and think about it.  Are you having as much trouble as I am?  Isn’t that sad?  In an over-crowded, over-booked, money hungry world, it would be a good idea to stop. wait a minute. breathe. and then do something nice.

I’m not going all mystical on you, and I’m not going to quote the golden rule or Buddha or bring up karma.  It’s simple.  Ty to do something nice today.

This morning I watched a news clip video about a banker who stopped his work in the middle of the day to save some baby ducklings and help them find their way to water.  Now, in the big scheme of things saving these baby ducklings probably isn’t going to stop any wars, or end world hunger, but hey, I bet it really meant a lot to the duckies.

So stop.  Take a minute, watch the video. Be inspired, and then do something nice because hey, even if you’re not creating world peace, I bet there will be at least one person (or ducky) who is very thankful for your kindness.


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