Hold tight…

Hold tight kids because things are about to get weird…..

I’ve been spending the past week and a half + studying html codes, CSS, photoshop, and photobucket in order to give the blog a make over. Since, I’m poor, and nobody has offered to pay me to blog yet, I’m trying to do a majority of the makeover on my own-and since I barely know how to turn my MAC on, its been quite a learning experience.

Thanks to a lot of googling, tips from blogger friends, and a couple of Etsy purchases, things are starting to come together.  I’m hoping to debut the new look at the end of the weekend, but until then things could look a little off, and slightly weird.  So please, bear with me, hopefully the end result with be worth the craziness, sleepless nights, and html nightmares.  We shall see!


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