Get Closer

Want more 25 by Twenty five?  Don’t worry-its totally understandable and happens to the best of us!  Welp, good news for you boys and girls, you can find 25 by Twenty five several other places on the interwebs

Facebook- 25 by Twenty five

Twitter- 25by20five

Feel free to head over to 25 by Twenty five’s facebook/twitter site and give a like, follow, post, retweet, etc.  Pokes, while slightly creepy, also fall in the realm of acceptable.

In addition to following/liking 25 by Twenty five, you should feel free to leave me a comment on any of my posts.  I heart comments, true story.  If you don’t feel like commenting but still want to get in touch you can shoot me an email at

So to summarize, three ways to get even closer and have more 25 by Twenty five in your life:

Facebook- 25 by Twenty five

Twitter- 25 by Twenty Five (25by20five) on Twitter



Go crazy kids.  Get closer.


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