What!? You missed the post about a specific item on the list and now you’re too lazy to dig through this site to find it!?  RELAX! Just click the number next to any of the items on the list and you will be linked to the post.  Don’t I take good care of you?

1. Start a blog 🙂
2. Get rid of all the clothes in my closest that I never wear
3. Visit somewhere in the US I’ve never been before
4Donate blood
5. Run a half marathon (or attempt to)
6. Stay up all night
7. Bowl a strike
8. Finish a first draft of the book my mom has been begging me to write
9. Gamble at a casino
10.  Make moves on a career
11. Go skydiving
12. Do something great for my parents
13. Enter a cooking contest
14. Enter an eating contest
15. Spend an entire day with my sister
16. reconnect with an old friend
17. Witness something jaw-dropping
18. Start horseback riding again
19. Rent a car
20. Shoot a handgun
21. Read a newspaper cover-to-cover
22. Get a pet
23. Pawn something
24. Learn to knit
24 B. Knit something
25. Raise money for a charity I care about.  Even though I’ve reached my goal you can still donate!


15 thoughts on “The LIST

  1. Random thought on your list. If you have a blog post about something on the list, you should TOTALLY link to it from here! Some of these sound like great adventures I’d like to read about, but I’m entirely too lazy to search your blog for… right now… maybe later… hahaha!

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  3. Good luck with your list! I ended up running a marathon when I shouldn’t have because the one the next year was the week AFTER I turned 25, and I wanted to do it before I turned 25. Dumb. Idea.

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