#22 Part B

First of all I would just like to say…WOW…this blog has already had over 1,000 views in it’s short life.  I am absolutely amazed!  I can’t believe there are that many people reading this.  Or is my mom just stalking this page everyday? You’ve got to admit it’s a possibility.  However I do prefer to think that I have more readers than that 🙂

Anyways..on to some more good news…THE FISHIES HAVE ARRIVED!!!!   It is a very big day in the Duprey/Chisholm household!  We were at Petco promptly at 9:15 this morning (they didn’t open until nine, otherwise we would have been there earlier!)  And we went straight to the glow fish!  These little fishies are amazing and are genetically created to glow!  They come in all shapes and sizes from thin bright pink ones to larger blue green ones.  We had a brief dalliance with the boring orange 15 cent fish because Ollie thought paying $9.00 for a single fish was a little ridiculous, but the glow fish were too cool to resist.

We wanted to buy about 10 fish to start, but were told with a new aquarium it is better to start with one or two fish otherwise some chemical (whose name I can’t remember) would rise too quickly in the tank and CHEMICALS KILL FISH.  (there is so much to know about keeping fish!) So we decided on two of the green/blue glow fishes that had just arrived in the store (they caused quite a stir with their arrival-people were very excited).

After being trained on how to introduce the fish to our tank (a 45 minute process involving “floating” the plastic bag in the tank and slowly introducing the tank water into the bag water-DO NOT LET THE BAG WATER INTO YOUR TANK-YOUR FISH WILL DIE!) we got to take them home!

After sprinting to the car with the fish inside me jacket (it as freeeeeeeezing out today!) we were on our way!  Yay!  We drove home like there was a newborn in the back seat.  We didn’t want to jostle/upset/stress the fish in any way-apparently it is very easy to stress fish out AND STRESS WILL KILL YOUR FISH!

We got home and it was all we could do not to dump them straight into the tank and watch them swim around.  But we listened to the Petco girl, and we didn’t even turn the aquarium light on because THAT WILL SHOCK YOUR FISH AND YOUR FISH WILL DIE, and slowly introduced them to their new home.

Good news is-they love it here!  Although we’re not sure they like the aquarium light because they tend to get a little twitchy when we turn it on, we’re going to have to ask the Petco people about that when we return to get the awesome goldfish we saw there today.

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Frederick (never Fred-just Frederick) and Zumi Zumi (short for Zoom Zoom Zoom You Make My Heart Go Boom Boom Boom).  Can you tell which one I named?  Anyways, they’re awesome, I love them, and they are best friends already yay!  Stay tuned for our next addition!

Zumi Zumi
Fishy Friends!
Thank you for reading! xo Whitney

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