There is a reason why Ollie isn’t allowed to go grocery shopping with me anymore…when we go shopping together we tend to think “the bigger the better” and “the more the merrier”.  We tend to go with the “grab-and-go” method.  If we see it, and we want it, we get it. This tends to lead to very high grocery bills and very full grocery carts.  And that’s exactly how we ended up with this….

Yup…that’s a 10 gallon aquarium.  How did it end up in our apartment?  Let me take you back….

It all started with #22 on the list….get a pet.  Since my mother and landlord have conspired against my having anything cuddly and fluffy, I decided I would get a fish.  I was thinking about getting a simple beta fish.  Bowl, some rocks, maybe a plant.  Simple.  Instead we left Petco (its where the pets go!) with a tank, filter, heater, rocks, plants, several structures with an “around the world” theme, and dreams of the glow-in-the-dark fish we’ll get to put in the tank.

Ollie and I walked in the store and immediately the  sad betas in the plastic cups were forgotten.  We were entranced by the myriad of freshwater fish we could get….if only we had an aquarium!  I personally voted for a “nemo” fish, but unfortunately they are salt water fish and quite aggressive, unlike their quirky portrayal in the Pixar film.  Ollie and I bounced around from tank to tank, eyes wide, taking in all the little fishies we wanted to fill our “starter kit” aquarium with.

Luckily we spoke to a Petco supervisor first, otherwise we would have killed all of our little pets within the hour.  We were told we couldn’t take any fish home tonight, because we needed to set up the aquarium and treat the water before we could add the fish-otherwise we would shock their little systems and kill them!  Not good!

We practically skipped out to the car, aquarium in tow, and raced home to set everything up.  The tank looks great and is sitting nicely on our entryway table just waiting to be filled with little fishies!

We get to return to Petco on Friday to pick out our little fishes.  Stay tuned to meet them!

Thank you for reading! xo Whitney


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