Big Bang Theory, I Defend Thee!

Listen up people, you may have seen a lot of blog posts, articles, facebook rants, etc. bashing on the Big Bang Theory calling it “predictable”, “stereotypical”, and “mundane”.  Whoa.  Slow your role.  I think its about time someone stepped up and went toe-toe with all the Big Band Theory haters out there….and I have volunteered.

I originally thought about going through and countering each and every argument I’ve heard/read about the Big Bang Theory…but then I got exhausted just thinking about it…so my argument to refute all arguments is this: IT IS A SITCOM PEOPLE!

When you complain about the caliber of acting/writing/set design/thought provoking episodes, please keep in mind: this is not an HBO drama.  It’s a sitcom.  On cable tv, with re-runs on TBS.

It doesn’t have to be deep, with oscar worthy performances.  It’s ok that its using stereotypes of “nerds” to be funny-because its a sitcom.  It’s supposed to be simple, laying it all out on the surface.

When I watch a sitcom, its not because I want to watch a program that is going to teach me something, and expand my horizons, its because I want to space out a bit, giggle, and give my brain a break. Sorry I’m not sorry if that makes me a bad/lazy/shallow person.  I’m over it.

So really, let’s not try to make TBBT into more than it is, its a sitcom.  Can you honestly name one sitcom that ran for more than one season that wasn’t predictable?  Or didn’t use some sort of stereotypes?  Or had bad acting?  Go on…I dare you to.

So there.  That’s my argument.  Let’s not compare sitcoms like TBBT to award winning mini series about WWII, because they are two completely different species of television shows.  We’re talking apples and oranges here.

To end things on a positive note, I’ve complied my top 5 reason why I love the Big Bang Theory and I’M NOT ASHAMED ABOUT IT.  Enjoy.

5. The Penny/Leonard Romance– I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for the romance.  Will they? Won’t they?  It’s like Ross and Rachel all over again and I’m eating it all up.  Plus it provides a nice sense of continuity from episode to episode (p.s. I hope  they make it).

4. The Howard/Raj BROmance–  They’re not your typical “bros” but they definitely have a romance going on.  I love the way they bicker like an old married couple.  It gives me the giggles.

3. They’re bringing Blossom back– I grew up in the 90s and yeah, I watched Blossom, so I’m quite pleased to see  Mayim Bailik back in the game.  Mayim girl, I missed you like “WHOA”

2. The one liners- I’m a big fan of short quick witty humor, and the one liners in TBBT crack me up!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Amy: I think a boy likes me!
Bernadette: Doesn’t he know you have a boyfriend?
Penny: She doesn’t have a boyfriend, she has a Sheldon.

Sheldon: Why are you crying?
Penny: Because I’m stupid!
Sheldon: That’s no reason to cry. One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad.

Raj: My religion teaches that if we suffer in this life we are rewarded in the next. Three months at the North Pole with Sheldon and I’m reborn as a well-hung billionaire with wings!

Sheldon: You mean I have Leonard Nimoy’s DNA (starts to hyperventilate)

And the number 1 top reason why I love the big bang theory is…..

Dr. Sheldon “Shelly” Cooper

Everything about Sheldon makes me laugh.  I love his neurotic knocking, his mommy issues, his “spot” situation, his die-hard paintball playing, his creepy laugh, his inability to comprehend when someone is being sarcastic, and his “I am always right attitude”.  Love it. Love every second of it. I am absolutely convinced that Sheldon and I would be best friends (which is probably very untrue and he would hate me more than he hates Penny).  I am also convinced that the actor who plays Sheldon isn’t really acting and this is how he is in everyday life…which only makes me love him more.

So there.  I said it.  I love the Big Bang Theory and all of its predictable, over/under acting, stereotyping, sitcomyness.  You can feel free to keep on sipping the haterade but you’re wrong to do so. BAZINGA.