A List Like Update

Hi Kids,

Ok, we are getting dangerously close to my birthday-its almost a month away-and I thought now would be a good time for a little list like update.  I’ve got good news and bad news.  Bad news is, my weekends are filling up like crazy, in the next month I’m going on a secret vacation with my mom, running my half marathon, going to my sister’s graduation, and then it’s my birthday-and I just don’t think I’m going to be able to cross everything off the list in time.  Good news is-I’ve granted myself an extension.  Yup.  I can hear you arguing with me already, maybe you’re even calling a little bs here, but guess what?  Its my party and I’ll cry if I want to. No.  That’s not right.  I run this show, so its my way or the highway 🙂 Isn’t it nice to be Queen?

So yes.  An extension. I’m sorry!  It just had to be done.  I promise to get them done within the first 3 4 months of my 25th year.  Is that ok?  Even if you say its not, I’m going with it.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

The things I am granting myself an extension on are:

Finish the first draft of my book-I’M SORRY MOM.  I’ve got the first 30 or so pages done, but I don’t see me rocking out 200 more in the next month.  Mom, I promise that I will get it done and it will be a smashing success and I’ll have lots of money to take care of you in your old age.  Promise.

Make moves on a career-I’ve decided that before I make moves I should decide which direction I want to move in.  Ya.  That’ll probably be a big help. I guess I should stop counting on “playing a spy on TV”…woof

Start horseback riding again– Unfortunately with a full time job that only leaves time for riding on the weekends, and all of my weekends for the foreseeable future are quite booked.  But this will happen! Love ponies.

Bowl a strike-sad day.  Haven’t bowled a strike since I made the list.  I think I need to work on my bowling skills and then we’ll go from there.

Reconnect with an old friend– Ya, I’m kind of a bad person on the inside for not getting to this one.  Have I mentioned that I’m really busy?  Does that still count as an excuse?

Spend an entire day with my sister– I’m not sure this deserves an official extension, my sister however claims that it will. Remains to be seen.

Those are all the list items that I’m granting an official extension on.  6 list items, that’s not tooooo bad, is it?  There is one more change I have to make however-Enter a Cooking Contest- Unfortunately when I had this in mind I was envisioning something along the lines of a bake off or a state fair or something-ya, there aren’t any in my area between now and my birthday.  Instead of granting an extension I am just altering it slightly.  I will be entering my Whitney’s Chicken Pastry Thingy recipe into a recipe contest.  Wish me luck 🙂

Thanks for reading! Xo Whitney

Living My Alias Fantasy


I may have failed to mention this before, but I have a serious girl crush on Jennifer Garner’s character Sydney Bristow in Alias.  She kicks some serious spy ass.  Alias is my all time favorite tv show of all time, no contest.  My father and I used to watch it together every Sunday night.  He liked all of Sydney’s sexy outfits, I liked Sydney’s handler Michael Vaughn and watching Sydney shoot bullet holes in the bad guys.  It was a serious bonding experience.  Ever since discovering Alias, I have been 100%, completely convinced that it is my calling in life to be a spy.

Now, everyone who has ever met me, even briefly, can attest to the fact that I would make the worst spy ever.  I have a very low tolerance for pain, and am terrible at keeping secrets-both of which are good attributes to have as a spy.  But still, I have never given up on the dream, and even occasionally peruse the CIA website for open positions.  Its going to happen people.

I figured that before showing up at The Farm for my spy training, I should do a little training on my own, and so, #20 on the list was born-shoot a handgun.  I’ve shot plenty of guns in my life, I grew up in NH and we’re just a little hick, but those were all shot guns and rifles.  I had never shot a handgun, and everyone knows that all spys shoot hand guns.  Thugs too, but I was going for spy.


That’s my scary spy face and Sydney‘s scary spy face…We’re practically twins…In fact, I think I look more intimidating. WATCH OUT!

Fortunately, my dad is the proud owner of several handguns (something I never realized until I pursued this venture), and he bravely offered to bring me along to the shooting range and let me have at it.  Dad has a 22 caliber revolver and several very scary semi-automatic hand guns that he brought a long for our little adventure.

It was a beautiful day for shooting things

The man has some seriously scary guns

 Now, I talk a big talk about wanting to live an incognito spy life, but I was seriously terrified of shooting these guns-I mean look at them!  Those things could kill you!  I was scared to the point that my dad and Ollie were taking bets as to if I would scream and drop the gun after the first shot (I didn’t thank you very much).

My dad started me off small with a 22 caliber revolver that had belonged to his father.  It wasn’t a spy gun, but it was definitely a cowgirl gun so I was ok with that.  Shooting the revolver was a lot of fun, and had very little backlash, but it was lacking the serious adrenaline rush I had heard comes with the shooting of a handgun.  So dad moved me up to the semiautomatic weapons.

Welcome to the gun show

Now the semi-automatics.  Those were terrifying.  I had to start out with just one bullet in the magazine to make sure I didn’t accidentally go on a shooting spree and kill everyone.  Ya.  That would have been bad.  But once I got a hand of the semi-automatics I realized they weren’t scary-THEY WERE FUN!  And the fun continued when my dad replaced the boring square targets with awesome person shaped ones like I always saw Sydney shooting at in Alias.

I gave Bob a kill shot to the head…and was more than a little excited about it

Sorry Bob…But I’m not sorry

After shooting 15 bullets out of a semi-automatic handgun, I felt like I could more than give Miss Bristow a run for her money in the “Hottest Lady Spy” contest.  And then my dad set up the tennis balls as targets.  Epic fail.  He and Ollie each hit one, but I didn’t come near it.  But I didn’t let that get me down.  I gave Bob the target a kill shot to the head…and several that were a little to the right, and left, of Bob, but that’s ok-we’ll pretend those didn’t happen.

I had a great time at the range crossing #20 of my to-do list!  I was on cloud nine as we drove away from the range, my desire to pursue a career in the CIA renewed and an odd desire to re-watch all 5 seasons of Alias….which I might actually do.

Have you all ever shot a hand gun?  Or any type of gun?  Isn’t it fun?  Because I felt like a MAJOR badass afterwards.  Don’t be surprised if I go rouge and stop writing this blog…If you never hear from me again its because I’m doing super secret work in the name of our country….shhhhhhhhhh!

Thanks for reading! xo Whitney

Head over to 25 by Twenty five’s facebook page to see more photos from the range!

Does my mint green nail polish detract from my badass factor?