Happy Munchkin Friday!

Happy Munchkin Friday boys and girls!

Oh…you don’t celebrate Munchkin Friday…well that’s awkward.  Munchkin Friday is kind of a big deal in our office.  People get pretty excited about it.  I’ve seen people almost cry because they thought it was Munchkin Friday but then realized it was only Thursday, or worse, Wednesday.

Now my cubicle is kind of a hot spot for activity. Even more so now that the man in charge of everything relocated the bouncy ball and “adopt a dog” vending machines right outside of it.  But on Munchkin Friday, its standing room only.  Its like a better, tastier version of the water cooler.  Everyone is giddy and hopped up on sugar, thrilled that Friday has arrived, making plans for the weekend and recapping the week.  Its the place to be.

Munchkin Friday started randomly.  It was Friday (obviously) and I was too lazy to make breakfast before work, so I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a bagel.  As I was sitting in the astronomically long ling I thought to myself, “hmmm, you know what, maybe I’ll pick up some munchkins for my co-workers.  People like munchkins, and I like these people, so that makes sense,” and thus, Munchkin Friday was born. Side note: I work with pretty much the greatest people in the world, and they deserve munchkins everyday, but alas, I’m poor, so Fridays it is!

I found that people loved free munchkins so much, and were so overwhelmingly grateful, that I couldn’t discontinue the practice. So every Friday morning I pick up 25 assorted munchkins.  I’ve come to see it as job security in addition to doing something nice for my co-workers.  I mean, who wants to fire the girl who brings munchkins every week? (If you are my boss and reading this please feel free to confirm).*Please also note if you are my boss and reading this that I wrote it last night and not at work 🙂

Some days Munchkin Friday can get pretty ugly.  I mean, if people don’t get down to my cubicle quick enough, and they miss out on their favorite munchkin, it can be life shattering (the sprinkles and butternut crunches are the favorites).  I’ve seen best friends go to war over who gets the last sprinkle munchkin.  I might have to put an end to Munchkin Friday if any actual physical fights break out.  Yikes.

Since you can’t celebrate Munchkin Friday with me, I’ve decided to bring a little munchkin happiness to you all! I snapped (haphazardly with my iphone) a couple of photos of people who stopped by my cubicle for Munchkin Friday (they were all very willing once I threatened to withhold munchkins!) to share with you all.  Share in the joy, happiness, and dough-y deliciousness of Munchkin Friday!

Twilight Sparkle loves munchkins!

And so does Jackson!

Thanks for reading! xo Whitney


12 thoughts on “Happy Munchkin Friday!

    • Hahah I love Krispie Kreme…well I love one KK about once every 5 years, otherwise its too much sugar fror me (I never thought I’d ever say that!) My co-workers are all so wonderful that its easy to be nice to them 🙂

  1. We have Bagel Friday. People also take that very seriously.

    We also get Cookie Day once a month in our (fairly large) office- we all get a free cookie, and when the receptionist sends out the email saying that the cookies are out, everyone just drops whatever they’re doing and makes a beeline for the cookies. It’s hilarious- someone needs to film it.

    • mmm cookie day sounds some kind of WONDERFUL! I thin kI should instate that here…..We also celebrate birthdays once a month with a coldstone creamery ice cream cake and other assorted goodies…its madness!

  2. We have a free for all potluck once a month in my office- it’s actually gotten to the point where I don’t even enjoy it anymore (it’s that much of a pig fest) and I Love to eat! Too much! I think that’s the problem.
    Seriously, with a good portion of the girls in my office having had gastric banding, perhaps we should be having like “salad day” or “tofu day” or something.
    I have so little self control, every time we have a potluck I make myself sick. The girls I work with are such excellent cooks…it’s all very confusing. I don’t know if I hate it or adore it, y’know?

    • I totally understand-we have some wonderful bakers in our office! Their treats are to die for but you still curse them at the same time! We do a great salad bar about once a month here, the office pays for the lettuce, and then everyone who wants to partake brings some sort of salad topping (croutons, cheese, veggies), its absolutely delicious (and I don’t even like salads that much!) and gives all of our daring cooks a chance to get creative-someone brought the most delicious homemade candied walnuts last time!

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