Getting to know YOU!


You read this blog, so I already know you’re pretty awesome, but it occurred to me the other day, that’s all I know about you.  If I can have a moment to sound slightly brag-y, 25 by Twenty five has 100+ followers, and averages 300+ views a day, and I can very honestly, with no shame what so ever, say that I do not have that many friends!

I know some of you reading are family, and others friends of mine, but everyone else-who are you!?  I am incredibly fascinated by who is reading this blog, by who cares enough to get an email every time I post.  There are people in Ghana, South Africa, and China reading this blog-WHO ARE YOU?!

I’m dying to get to know you all a little better.  I swear this isn’t an incredibly pathetic attempt to get comments, I am just in awe of how many people that I don’t know personally read this blog.  It amazes me on a daily basis.  It means the world to me that you all care enough about my words to visit this site, its incredibly humbling in fact (warning: I’m rarely humble or modest so cherish this moment because you won’t see another like it for a long, long time).

By virtue of reading this blog you all know quite a bit about me, but other than the fact that you follow this blog and are therefor awesome, I’ve got nothing else to go off of-and the curiosity is driving me crazy!

So who are you?  Tell me some crazy, ridiculous, fun fact about yourself. Do you have a “life to-do list”? What’s on it? Or just tell me your name.  Anything, because I want to get to know you. Here are some random facts about me (that I haven’t blogged about yet) to get the ball rolling:

1. My middle name is Heinz but I don’t like Ketchup all that much.

2. I’m the oldest (and favorite) child of three.

3. I am in love with a dog named Jackson and spend my days plotting to steal him away from his owner.

4. I don’t like to run. Oh wait. I may have mentioned that one before.

5. Bright colored nail polish makes me inexplicably happy.

6. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be artichokes.  I love artichokes.

7.  I rode for my college’s equestrian team.

8. I don’t have an appendix.

9. Diet Coke is my drink of choice.  I prefer this over even water. Pinot Girgio comes in a close second.

10. My parents forced me to take a speed reading class when I was a kid so I can read incredibly quickly.

There ya go!  So go on, tell me a little about yourself.  Or if you don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment feel free to email me at, because I really, and truly, want to know you! And if I do know you already, feel free to share something fun with the group anyhow!

Thanks for reading! xo Whitney


31 thoughts on “Getting to know YOU!

  1. I’ll do this, Whitney. I’m a probate attorney. I deal with grieving clients and sad situations on a daily basis. It is heavy world, but it is quite rewarding at the same time. What’s better than helping people? Outside of work, I have a great life. As a lifelong athlete, in recent years, I took up long distance running. Something I never thought I’d do. It is challenging, frustrating, surprising, and often enjoyable. It is nice to know that even though we are all getting older, we can continue to surprise ourselves by overcoming new challenges and things we never imagined for ourselves. I like to write about running when I can. People ask me about it all the time. I like to share what I know. I’m also a crazy picture taker and mom to a small 11 year old shih tzu named Lilly. I love food and taking pictures of food. Cooking is my meditation. If I could do anything, I’d love to have an unlimited budget and be a personal chef for a living. I’m guessing this won’t happen – that’s why dreams exist. I enjoy your blog for its sarcasm and youthful thinking. I hope you enjoy my crazy all over the place blog on occasion @ There you have it!

    • Thank you! It’s wonderful to meet you! If I had been going off of just your your “name” I would have thought “runner” and that’s it. I love love love to cook also and would love to (have the money) to invest in a personal chef! Thanks for introducing yourself!

  2. 1. My middle name is Campbell, and I love Campbell’s soup. (Heinz + Campbell 4lyyffee)

    2. I was called the adopted child to a family that had 3 children. I was the favorite.

    3. I continue to see pictures of a dog named Jackson being uploaded to Facebook and Twitter…

    4. I hate running. I should have played Volleyball to get out of preseason running with Field hockey (smartest thing you ever did).

    5. I stole the best Essie pink from you years ago. I still have it.

    6. You used to only eat plain cold macaroni and buttered bread. A long way you have come

    7. I used to ride horses…at a place with Moon in the name (help a sista out?) I wanted one named Chick-a-dee-dee

    8. I don’t have an appendix either. I got mine out first. #copycat.

    9.Diet Coke is also my drink of choice. Budlight is second (Thanks, Louise)

    10. I can’t read.

    11. I’m awesome (and you can’t say I’m not, because I’m reading your blog 😉


    • BAHAHAHAH I just laughed out loud! It was MOON RUN FARM and Petticoat was the best horse ever. You must have at least basic reading abilities because you do read this blog, and you are awesome 🙂

      You were totally my parent’s favorite too. Woof.

  3. I am an only child who also loves my dog (you can read about my running buddy on my website). I have an appendix, but no gall bladder. I can’t ride a horse to save my life; I do, however, love running! (And using semi colons.) Water is my drink-I-choice…or a good vodka tonic. I’m a 1/2 IM finisher and will do my first marathon this month!

  4. 1. My real name is Martha.
    2. I was born in the 60’s (barely – and I mean by mere days barely – and at the end of the decade), but I still tell everyone I am 21. Of course, at this point that would make me 5 & 7 years old respectively when I had my kids. That means at some point soon they will be older than me. haha
    3. I sporadically blog. I started off mostly as a political blogger, but that aggravated my ulcer, and all politicians are douchebags anyway selling ideologies for votes.
    4. I wanted to be a rock star when I grew up. Oh, heck, I still want to be a rock star when I grow up. 😉
    5. I have a love/hate relationship with running. Molly Ritterbeck is the one who got me running for the first time since I was in basic training in 1995. She is very persuasive. lol But she was also helped by the fact that I was getting tired of being fat. 😉

    That’s all I can write without feeling guilty that I can’t come up with something to write about on my blog even though I actually have the motivation to write. lol

    • love/hate doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings towards running! Rock star-I can totally see it! And all rock stars need their own blog-so get to writing! Thanks for introducing yourself!

  5. I started following you when you got freshly pressed!
    I am the youngest of three children (and the favourite).
    I live in Nova Scotia.
    I started blogging in December and am addicted 🙂
    I have a dog named Maclean – she’s a retired sled dog!
    I am married and have a daughter who’s almost two – we cloth diaper her.
    I love Jr. Mints after they have been in the fridge! slight addiction.
    I have a list of 12 things I want to do in 2012 on my blog.
    Cheers, Anna (Piper’s Run)

    • Hey Anna-thanks for introducing yourself! I adore Junior mints as well! And a retired sled dog!? That is so cool! My sister goes to college in Northern NY and she is right down the road from a sled dog training/rescue, they bring the dogs onto campus for winter carnival and give everyone a ride!

  6. hi! i’m kind of a new reader to your blog but i really enjoy your posts. probably the easiest way to explain about me is just to say to visit my blog… but if you don’t want to scour through it, this is probably the easiest way:

    even more basic: i like good beer, gin and tonics, running (but only when it feels good), and sandwiches. i want a dog but i travel too much, and i am looking forward to turning 26 on sunday. 😉

      • Hiii my name is Carley! I practice yoga (ahem, but I’m NOT a vegetarian). I coach volleyball with the second coolest person in the world. I surf. I lived in Australia amd wrangled my very own Australian. I only started eating vegetables after I met Blake. I play the guitar. Coffee us my drink of choice. Blue moon is a close second. I’m high maintenance in my beer preferences. I plan on marrying Adam Levine. It’s mutual. That last part might gave been a lie, it’s still pending. THAT IS ALLLLLL

      • ahem? second coolest person in the world? QUESTIONABLE miss! And you must be a vegetarian if you do yoga….if you miss sub sign up day again this year I’m signing you up for the meat lovers special.

  7. Yay! A chance to talk about myself some more! (am only kind of kidding.)
    Hmm…So, I found your blog somewhere, and thought it was adorable, so I followed. I have not been disappointed.
    I am a very new blogger, still trying to figure this out. I have a fourteen year old daughter who despises me (unless she wants something.) and a 16 month old daughter who still adores me. I have a three month old black lab puppy named Lucy who has a personal vendetta against all of my shoes and cannot be trusted.
    I exercise sporadically and eat way too much, so I am pretty sure I will be obese in a few minutes. I am 36 and not sure I will be growing old gracefully. Pretty sure I’m going to be kicking and screaming all the way.
    Oh yeah, I have a boyfriend, too. He’s home now, so I need to look busy. 🙂

  8. My name is Jorge., I’m about to turn 25. I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia but have been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the last 6.5 years. Don’t ask me why I sound American, I have no good answer for that. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and find myself single for the first time in a while, which is interesting. I am a filmmaker. I like music a lot. I’m a terrible dancer, but I’ll dance to embarrass you and your friends anyway. I’m 6’5 which is usually considered tall but is really considered FREAKISHLY tall in Buenos Aires, where everybody’s short (example of this: It’s very nice to meet you.

    • Wonderful to meet you too Jorge! my brother is 6’5 so I know just how crazy tall that is! I’ve always wanted to explore South America but haven’t had the chance to yet, the farthest south I’ve been is Cuba. HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY!!!

  9. Hello hello! I just stumbled on over here from your post on Twenties Hacker. You sound fun. I think I’ll stick around. My Reader is going to explode though. I don’t think it’s speaking to me anymore.

    In other news: I have a 30 before 30 list (shameless plug in 3-2-1: but it’s been terribly neglected as of late. As has my main blog. I don’t know if I’m lazy or busy. I’m going to go with the latter.

    I like cats and anything pumpkin and also things that sparkle and I live in BFE Midwest but it’s actually kind of nice here. Usually. I like to think of myself as adorably quirky but that’s code for the fact that I’m probably just weird. Idk.

  10. YOU are hilarious, and I love your blog.
    I’m kayla, currently teaching English in China to about 80 college freshman. I love them; they are my life. They say funny things like “we wish you happy everyday” and “oh, his voice is so man”. They make me smile. I love being a teacher.
    I graduated from Messiah College [Pennsylvania] with a degree in music education. I sing everywhere I go. I teach my Chinese kids to sing. “You are my sunshine” is their favorite.
    I am also the oldest of three.
    Dove dark chocolate is my favorite.
    I’m looking to go to grad school…soon.
    I don’t purposefully exercise, but I have to climb 100 stairs at least 3 times a day, if not more, to get to my apartment, so I think that counts.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your life!

    • Thanks Kayla! So you’re my reader in China! Good to know! Ahhh teaching abroad, something I’ve always wanted to do-so admire you for that! I try and kid myself and pretend that I only like the dove chocolates for the inspirational little note on the package-but we all know that’s not true!

  11. Hey Whitney! You are followed because you are a great writer and good at expressing things in an amusing way.

    1. I am the third Neil Thomas Sorensen. What is unique is that my dad wasn’t the second, but his older brother (my uncle) was. When he didn’t have a son to pass the name down, I was awarded the privilege.

    2. I’m the oldest (and favorite) child of only two, but seriously… favorite (right)

    3. I play bass in a Boulder-based band called “Carry Me Ohio,” which usually keeps me pretty busy. We are on iTunes if anyone’s interested.

    4. I was on the triathlon team in college, and running is how I stumbled onto your site.

    5. I was also a founder of my fraternity (Alpha Gamma Omega) at Colorado State University.

    6. I’m ambidextrous and can write with both hands simultaneously, but when I do, don’t expect me to be able to hold a conversation.

    7. I came to events and cheered for my college’s equestrian team. (I want to play polo later on in life)

    8. I am pursuing a career as a surgeon.

    9. I love to travel and love the people I met on my travels. It truly is the best way to learn a new language or brush up on an old one.

    10. My parents also forced me to take a speed reading class when I was a kid so I can read incredibly quickly, but probably not as quickly as you.

    • Hi Neil III! Older children are always the favorite 🙂 I have always wanted to play polo-but I’m pretty sure I don’t have the hand eye coordination required to ride a horse and hit a ball at the same time. Aren’t speed reading classes the worst!? You’re the only other person I’ve “met” who has taken one! I mean, now I’m glad I can read quickly, but when you 11 and trapped in a speed reading class its the worst thing ever!

      • Haha… Speed reading classes were awful. Fortunately for me, however, I was a class clown, which meant I was able to make everything entertaining for me and the kids around me. The uproars of laughter were the only reason I went back week after week, although now I’m glad I did. I really enjoy your posts. I have another blog on tumblr that is more interesting than the one I have on here. The one on here is just for concert notifications for friends and family. I must admit, I don’t write as often as you, but I’m learning. Take care and have a great run, Whitney Heinz!

      • great run-that’s still an oxymoron for me! I have to tackle an 8 mile run this weekend (which will be the most I’ve ever consecutively run in my life) and I’m dreading it-so thanks for the luck!

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