Where in the World is Whitney Heinz Going?

*Please sing the title of this blog post to the tune of Carmen Sandiego.  If you don’t know the song, google it immediately, and then be ashamed*

I don’t know if you guys have heard or not, but I’m turning 25 in May.  May 29th to be exact.  And while there are many things I am not looking forward to about turning 25, there is one thing in particular I am very excited about.  My mom is taking me on a surprise trip to celebrate my quarter century passing.  The trip isn’t a surprise, but the destination is.  I have no idea where we’re going, or when we are going, AND ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY.

I am neurotic when I travel.  One of my favorite parts of traveling is the pre-trip planning. I mean, come on, you saw how much planning went into the Vegas trip.  No joke, I had a folder that was 2 inches thick and had dividers. TABBED DIVIDERS nerd alert.  I love to plan every minute of every second of a trip-don’t worry, I always remember to plan for spontaneity.  I love day dreaming about a trip.  I even love googling restaurants in the area and picking out what I want to eat.  Yeah, its that bad.

I can’t help it!  I like to plan!  And it helps the days and weeks leading up to the trip to fly by.  But my mom taking me on a trip and telling me nothing about it-she hasn’t even told me when she is going to tell me where we are going-is driving me insane!

Now, I know this is going to be an awesome trip.  My mom has been planning it for a while and she is really excited about it.  My parents have taken the whole family on a surprise trip before.  They didn’t tell us where we were going, they just told us we weren’t going to be home for Christmas and that we needed to pack for warm weather.  We spent 10 days sailing around St. Maarten and it was the most unbelievable trip ever.

It wasn’t a terrible way to spend Christmas

With the Christmas trip I was able to at least sort of deduce where we were going, but my mom has been completely tight-lipped about my birthday trip.  Here’s what I’ve been able to figure/guess this far:

1. We’re not going over seas.  I know this trip only requires me taking 2 days off work, and that’s not enough time for a jaunt to Paris

2. We’re not going to Canada.  Mom and I went there together in October (had an awesome time, but I don’t think she’d copy cat like that) Although I did hear that they just made prostitution legal in Ontario…Kidding.  No, it really is legal but I’m kidding about that being a reason for us to visit.

3.  We’re not going on a caribbean trip.  This is a guess, I don’t 100% know.  I”m just assuming because 2 days would be wasted on travel which would only leave 2 days for beach lounging.

3. We’re not going to the west coast for the same reasons above.

4. We’re not going to Denver.  Or Florida.  I know this because I blatantly asked and she said no.

5. We’re not going away for my actual birthday.  A) because it’s on a Tuesday and B) because my birthday always falls on Memorial Day weekend, and the NCAA Men’s Lax finals are always Memorial Day Weekend and they trump my birthday.

6. We’re not going away the 3rd weekend in May because that’s when my sister graduates college.

Seriously though, that’s all the information I’ve got!  And lately she’s been hinting to me that she won’t tell me where we’re going until the day we leave-AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHEN THAT IS!

Help me out here!  Where do you think my mom is taking me for my 25th birthday trip?

Thanks for reading! xo Whitney


13 thoughts on “Where in the World is Whitney Heinz Going?

  1. Seriously – I used to rush home from school to watch that show and now the theme song is stuck in my head!!! Sounds like something fun – my husband did something similar for our anniversary last year – but it was really only a movie, shopping, and a night in ahotel with no kiddos….enjoy the unknown you planner 🙂

  2. Oh, you have no idea how happy I am to hear that someone else plans trips like I do!!! And I don’t really care if we don’t do what I had planned, I just like doing a mini-vaca in my head before the real one! I’m notorious for googling restaurants and sight-seeing places and totally tallying up prices and how many wifi area there are and what kind of concerts are playing and… whoa, sorry, I got carried away. 😉 Keep us updated on where you’re going!! And, of course, take lots of pics!! 🙂

  3. Maybe she’s taking you to a spa or something like that for a couple days? I would have my bag packed and ready just in case! Have fun!!

  4. Oh how fun, happy early birthday! (and thanks for visiting my blog) I really like your blog and OMG I totally forgot about Carmen Sandiego I used to play that game when floppy disks were still around!

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