Please Keep Your Arms and Legs Inside the Blog

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the re-designed 25 by Twenty five.  I know. It’s different.  Don’t freak out though, change is good.  Let me show you around….

….You may have noticed the pretty daisy buttons to the immediate right with “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Pinterest”, and “Food Gawker” written on them.  Click them.  Do it.  I double dog dare you.  These magical buttons will lead you to 25×25’s page on facebook, twitter, pinterest (hasn’t been set up yet but working on it), and food gawker.  After you click the buttons feel free to “like”, “follow”, “poke”, “share”, etc.

Also new is my “blog button”.  Isn’t it pretty?  Well if you want it you can have it.  True story.  What can I say?  I’m a giver.  Feel free to click the button, grab the link, and then use it on your blog.  Go crazy and get grabby.

There’s a “follow” button.  Press it and follow.  Simple.

I love the blog’s new look because I think it reflects my personality very well. I love love love bright colors, especially pink, and I’m so glad I was able to incorporate them in the design.  Sunflowers will always and forever have a special place in my heart, but daisies are such happy flowers, they always brighten my day, so I’m happy I’ll be able to get some daisy love every time I view the blog. I am so proud to reveal this blog’s new design because I did it all by my lonesome (with a lot of help from google, and some really smart blogging friends), and I know/knew nothing about html or CSS or photoshop or any of that craziness.  But I think the end result came out quite nicely, don’t you agree?


13 thoughts on “Please Keep Your Arms and Legs Inside the Blog

  1. I love the new blog theme! Very you (beautiful, loud– in a good way, and simple). I do miss the birthday countdown tho… it was nice being able to add another month onto it to get to my birthday countdown. =P

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