The Pros and Cons of Race Running

So.  As you all know, I ran in my first road race this weekend (I survived-barely), the Paddy’s five miler…here is my assessment of the whole racing competition situation…

Pro: The race (like most races) was in the morning.  Which means you get it out of the way and you don’t have to spend the whole day dreading it.  Also, if you’re a normally adjusted human being, you have the rest of your day to be productive and do stuff.  Or, if you’re me, you can take a four hour nap immediately after.

Con: The race was in the morning.  The one thing I dislike more than running, is mornings.

I look happy to be awake and running, but trust me, pictures can be deceiving…

Pro: You pay to run, and all of the proceeds go to a charitable organization, New Heights.  New Heights is a program for for kids in Portsmouth, so its good to do good things.  Go charity!

Con: You pay to run.  I had to pay money to do something I don’t like.  Which seems odd to me…

Pro: You get a really cool tracker anklet that tracks how far/fast you run and makes you feel like a convict/con-man/Lindsay Lohan

Con: You get a really cool tracker anklet that tracks how far/fast you run…like I really wanted to know how slowly I was running?

Tracking anklet…Neil Caffrey style

Pro: You’re running with other people, and there is a definite excitement and energy in the air that gets your blood pumping and adrenaline flowing. Added bonus: if you race in a St. Patrick’s day race people tend to dress up at Leprechauns.

Con: You’re running with people.  There’s a reason why I train alone, I don’t like people to watch me suffer/struggle/sweat.  Lucky me, I got to do all three in front of 1,160 other racers.  And their families.

I made the mistake of starting the race at the front with the people who actually like to run…

Pro: They announce your name/bib number/hometown as you cross the finish line, and it kind of makes you feel like a superstar.

Con: They announce your name/bib number/hometown as you cross the finish line, causing the people who finished the race 30 minutes ago to be amazed that there are actually still people “running”.

Pro: I love to compete, and I definitely miss the competition that comes with playing sports.  So it felt pretty good to get back in the competitive spirit.

Con: I love to compete, and I hate to lose.  I loathe to lose.  I don’t like when the volleyball team I co-coach loses, I don’t like when the volleyball team I play on loses, I don’t like losing my car keys, I don’t like losing card games, and I don’t like feeling like I’m slowly losing my mind sometimes. I don’t like losing.  So even though I wasn’t expecting to be a running superstar on my first race, it still stung a bit as all the daddy’s pushing toddlers in strollers passed me.  Woof.

Pro: At the end of this particular race, you get a beer!

Con: There’s really no downside to getting a free beer as a reward for suffering through 5 miles.

I was hoping for a Bud Light…but I’m not one to complain about free beer

Conclusion:  What have I learned from this race running experience?  I don’t hate running races (which going into it I thought was a definite possibility).  All of the pros/cons seem to even each other out, so really, running in a race, isn’t any worse than running solo.  So, I don’t hate running races, I just hate running.  Ya.  That hasn’t changed.  Running with 1,000 people, running by myself, doesn’t really make a difference.  Running is running and its a miserable experience. The first thing I said to my dad at the finish line…”I should have put ‘run 5 miles on my list’ instead of a half marathon…”.  Ya.  I’m really regretting this whole half marathon situation.  Running 5 miles this weekend was a misery.  And that’s not even half of a half marathon.  I was hoping that this St. Paddy’s day race would ease my fears about running my half marathon…but now…I’m officially dreading it.

I look very happy and generally well put together for having just run 5 miles, but again, pictures are deceiving…

Thanks for reading! xo Whitney


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  1. So proud of you! I ran 5ks growing up, and occasionally still do on special occasions! I always looked forward to tge food at the end, so many bagels! Great job, Whit!

  2. OK, I’m going to have to dig through your blog to get to the bottom of this…

    If you hate to run, then why exactly do you run?


    I can imagine this was quite an accomplishment, though — congrats!

  3. I don’t think I could do it. Like you, I hate to run–really, really hate it. But, then, I like mornings, so that might help. Also, like you, I would collapse and nap for hours afterwards–that is, assuming I survived.

    Great post.


    • Thanks Kathy! Ya, it was double tough for me…running in the morning! woof! Napping after the run was the worst possible decision I could have made..I could actually feel my muscles tightening up but I didn’t care I was sooooo tired. Thanks for reading!

  4. The best thing about running is when you are finished. 🙂 good luck on the training for the 1/2, you can do it……and juat think how thrilled you’ll be when you finish 13.1!!!

  5. I am in a running group with a bunch of moms and we constantly say we hate running. I don’t really like it, but I do like what it does for me in mind, health, and spirit. I have run 2 half-marathons, and it is all hard. 1 mile, 5 miles, half-marathon. All pretty much the same. But, you will never regret that you did it! Good Luck.

    • That’s what I’m hoping! I’ve been told that there is an amazing sense of accomplishment after finishing a big race..I just felt dead after the 5 miler, so hopefully the half marathon will go better! Thanks for your support!

  6. Great post, I like the bit about crossing the finish line. I’m attempting the Berlin marathon this September going from a none runner- to superstar (here’s hoping) If I make it across the finish line alive I’ll be smiling. Keep up the great work. Love.

    • Good luck! That’s really funny because I treated myself to fries from McDonald’s the night before my race…I figured I had already earned it hahaha. There’s no shame in walking, I absolutely did some walking during my race! Although the HARDEST part is starting to run again after you’ve taken a break to walk…ugh, its the worst! Have fun!

  7. Pro: You were Freshly Pressed and a bazillion new people will read your blog.

    Con: You were Freshly Pressed and a Bazillion new people will email you and become your new best blog friends. They all will ask you how you got your post Freshly Pressed.

    Congrats on your race.

    Mr. Bricks
    PS How did you get your blog Freshly Pressed?

  8. A big well done! Your pros and cons were so true haha, but keep it up and I hope to hear about more mini-marathons! It has inspired me to get my running shoes out the closet…

  9. While you’re running it, a half really doesn’t seem much different than 5 miles. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I used to not like running. If you can just get into a groove, you should be fine. If you can hear your breathing after the first 10 min, you’re going too fast for it to be comfortable. This is a great blog! I enjoyed reading it! Keep it up and keep putting one foot in front of the other!

    • I made the mistake of starting at the front of the race with all the pro runners, I tried my best to keep up with them for all of 100 yards before I realized I would die if I kept that pace up! Whoops! Thanks for the advice and the support!

  10. P.S. The 3rd largest 10k in the US (the Bolder Boulder) is a great way to step up some mileage, enjoy beautiful Boulder, CO, hear live bands along the race, and to feel fast. There are people out there who hate running more than you do, and a lot of them register for this race. A lot of people do it for memorial day out of memory for soldiers, sailors, and airmen. It is May 30 this year, but it will be a great intermediate step for you. Fun blog!

  11. congrats! your post definitely made me laugh – it was all spot on about how i felt after my half marathon… except you got beer, so a bonus for sure haha.

    great work!


  12. First of all, you forgot to count all the people still sleeping or those sitting on their couches – you beat all them too! Secondly, I am not a runner although I have done 2 full and tons of halves, I still hate it. But you may find that you like the 1/2 marathon more as sometimes what your body is doin the first 30+ min is the warm up. I never used to warm up as I didn’t see the need to run any farther than what I signed up for, but now I know that the mental argument I am having in my head beating myself up for signing up for another race is the warm up. Somewhere around mile 6 something clicks and it becomes fun (plus by then you are in the home stretch and just running home). If you are looking for a group to train with – despite what you said about training alone – Team in training is a great group to look into for 1/2 or full. I’ve done several events and the cause takes your mind of the running!

  13. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! if i can offer you any advice it’s don’t think about it too much! I ran my first 1/2 marathon last spring and finished. The most I ever ran in my life prior to that was maybe 2.6 miles. I finished in 2 hours and 22 minutes. I am now part of the 13.1 club and you soon will be too! You can do it! Running is running but the accomplishment is worth it! Just wing it…I did! And hey, you ran more than I did pre-half anyway. You even got a beer afterwards!

  14. I’m doing a 10k in Manchester purely because there is a large shower that you can run through, like a car wash for humans.
    Like beer, this is reason enough.

    Well done for getting across the line!

  15. Love your post especially since I am so connected to your experience. I decided in January that I would join a group, Run for God, for novice runners to prepare for a 5K. I don’t think they’ll have free beer at the end of the race but hopefully there will something else that will be worth it. 🙂 I have never had a desire to run and being a teacher I thought I needed to do something I despised since I do have students that do not read (besides trying to get more fit both spiritually and physically). I needed to capture some of those feelings they have …doing something they don’t like to do. You had me smiling all the way through your post…My 5K is in May and I’m already dreading it. Not sure if I’ll make it through the training. My only solace is that I beginning this venture at a much older age…so I have an excuse.

  16. This made me laugh out loud!! Probably because I love to run! HAHA! Congrats on finishing though! And good luck with your journey to your Half Marathon Goal! I got addicted to it while training for my first half marathon! You might too!?? 😉

  17. Love this post! Congratulations!! I just finished my first half marathon last month. (Yup, 13.1 miles is crazy but not as crazy as a marathon. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.)

  18. I really enjoyed your post. You are no doubt feeling a bit sore today, as well as tired but I hope that more than anything you feel proud of yourself. You should take some time to stop and celebrate your achievments before stressing about the next. 🙂 A half marathon is not easy but you need to focus on the journey. I get a real buzz when I run a distance. I view my running time as time for myself and yes I get stressed about races and when my training doesn’t go to plan but there is always a but (or excuse for why you didn’t go as far as you want or the time you wanted! Yesterday it was because I fell over right at the beginning – adding minutes onto my time obviously!) Running is so mental (in both the meanings). Keep going and one day I am sure you will do your half marathon. Good luck.
    P.s. I may be able to help you with your knitting goal.

  19. Haha, I love this. I have only run in one race so far – a half marathon last fall. This year I’m doing at least a 5K, a 10K, and another half-marathon in Boston.

    Pro: I’ve already been through and survived the worst of it. It sucked, but I survived. And I will survive again! And I’m hoping it’ll make these shorter races feel extra fast by comparison!

    Con: I know just how much late summer half-marathon training is going to suck.

    But, the good news is that it’s grueling, but it goes faster than you think! And then… it’s over. And then you get beer!

    • Well I guess it can’t be allllllllll bad if you’ve already run one and you’re doing another! I am very glad I don’t have to do my training in the summer though! Good luck and thanks for reading!

  20. I started running when I was 25 and am now a seasoned marathoner of over 30 years with 21 marathons run and making it to the age-group podium at Boston. I really enjoyed the clever structure of your post, your sense of humour and your fresh take on the running experience. Keep at it! The health benefits quadruple when you get to be my age.

  21. Congratulations. I have done many races and still hate running. But I keep doing it and doing it. I also hate having people see me struggle and see me be slow. But I love doing the races. There is so much camaraderie.
    I joke about having someone chase me with a knife, I just can’t seem to get a volunteer. If you find someone who’ll do that, would you share?

  22. Congrats on your first 5 miler. I am sure it is slightly intimidating, but I find that reading about some of the amazing things that triathletes / ultra marathoners do is motivating to me to train better for Half Ironmans. One of the things I enjoy most about triathlons is the spirit that is at the end of the race. No matter how late you finish, if you finish, nobody judges you. The only person that can beat you is yourself and your goals.

  23. Cool post – totally true that what I love about racing I also really hate about it! And good woman yourself for heading from the post-race beer… that’s exactly how we do it in Ireland 🙂

  24. congrats on running in your first race!! and 5 miles too! every pro and con are right on my list too! one thing that keeps me running is knowing the fact that as long as i finish running without any stops to walk or anything and that my running is better than me just sitting then i’m already better than i was then when i started. and so are you!! =) good luck on your half-marathon! i’m rooting for you!!! =)

  25. I found your blog through Fresh Pressed. I found this post to be entertaining, and I found myself nodding a few times as I remembered my 5Ks I’ve participated in, and a half marathon I’m planning in the future.

  26. Great post. I ran one 5 mile race on St. Patrick’s Day in St Louis about 7 years ago, and I totally identify with all of your pros and cons. I’ve set a goal for myself to run a 5K at the beginning of the summer.

  27. I just stumbled on your blog… I LOVE THIS POST. I was cracking up the whole time.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your first race experience. I’ve learned that the running community is super supportive and for the most part not at all judge-mental

  28. So funny! I used to run. I thought I liked it but, mostly, it just felt like I was achieving something. I did do a half marathon and kept it up running for awhile after that. Now I dance, which I can’t not do-if I’m sick or can’t do it for some reason I am still reading about it. I hope you enjoy running (or something else) that much too!

  29. Thanks for sharing. This was a fun read and I couldn’t agree more. This is similar to what I am feeling before running my first race. Good for you and keep it up! The writing and the running.

  30. There is NOTHING like the sport of distance running. As a veteran of 34 years, 80000+ miles, hundreds of races in hundreds of towns, 100 mile weeks..(only a dozen or so,but averaging 60 a week for most of those 34 years) I congratulate you on your first race….My advise to you now would be..
    Really get into the sport. Read about it, read, attention to NCAA cross country..The indoor NCAA’s and World indoors were this past weekend and they were great to read about….
    Once you really get into our sport, you will enjoy it more..It is NOT just a bunch of weekend yuppies with their garmins doing it for charity and all that..
    It is a wonderful sport, with an inspirational and wonderful history….
    The only problem with our sport, is it is the only sport where a great majority who take part in it, don’t actually like it.
    They glum onto it for social, charity or reasons that have nothing to do with the sport and they are missing the spirtit of what it is to be a runner.
    My wifes illness got me back into running after serious injuries at the age of 52…I have run 3 races in the last 4 weeks, BUT man, it’s slow going…
    Good luck to you…take pride in about it, know the sport, know the history and you will enjoy it much, much more……
    XC rules!

  31. Keep up the fun attitude and you just might learn to love running…or, at least racing. And, if not, at least youve got some great blogging material ahead! 😉 congrats, MoSop

  32. Hey, Congrats! I just ran my first race too! Saturday I ran a half-marathon in Red Rock Canyon, just north of Las Vegas. I also wore Brooks shoes. It was one of the hardest things (physically) I’ve ever done. It was grueling and truly challenging. And it was worth it. I felt fantastic afterwards. I drank several beers immediately afterwards and then crashed for a couple of hours. And then I hit the Vegas strip and drank more.

  33. Very funny! Go you, running for charity is wonderful! I feel your pain! I hate running and I hate mornings… I will be doing RFL in my town and I have to get my run on… I just wish mine concluded with a free beer!

  34. Ha ha….made me chuckle. Im just about to go for a run. Guess what though, its a little bit addictive. I used to think, “why the freakin hell am I running, I freakin hate running”……and now I’m like “damn it, too busy to go for a run, and I get narked when I cant”. Trust me, give it a few weeks and you’ll be loving it. Well done!

  35. What a great post! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us. I have bookmarked this site and will be sure to check for updates. Keep up the good work!

    • Hahaha, I mean, free is free, right! My mom has a sign hanging on the fridge in my dad’s “man cave” that says “you cannot complain about the brand of free beer”, its so true! Thanks for reading!

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  37. Be careful with that running, you may come to love it and even get addicted to it! Your first half marathon will be a great achievement, enjoy the training and sacrifice along the way and learn more about yourself as you go.

  38. I would think picturing Neil Caffrey would be a great running motivator (b-e-a-u-tiful). On the other hand, I remember when I started running 10 years ago…wow. I could barely make it around a track, let alone finish a 5K. Kudos to you! Then I ran CC my last 2 years of college. I don’t think I’d be the runner I am today if I wasn’t thrown into races and surrounded by runners much better than me. So, yea, while races mean you are a very exposed, sweating, struggling (in my case injured and blubbering my first year) new runner…those races and running mates of all different abilities will get you to the finish line of your half marathon. And, if you wind up falling in love with running like I did (I know Neil Caffrey sounds much better to fall in love with right now), you might be in the middle of training for your first full marathon. Trust me, it is just as scary/exciting a feeling. You can follow my ridiculousness at

  39. Thanks for some great reading.
    Inspirational!! Just how inspirational only time will tell. 🙂 Intend to, but still yet to introduce myself to the running public.
    I enjoy my little runs to the pool for a swim. Do you think they will put a pool at the end to motivate me? Nah – I guess a Guinness will do the job.

  40. This is so funny! (no i’m not laughing at your misery,) Btw Kudos for finishing.
    Every first run is special and yes miserable so treasure it. Of course, you can only get better and please stop stop getting bitter at running races, you were the one who initiated of joining at the first place. hahaha.
    I hope you will finish a half-marathon this year (with less suffering)!

  41. I ran my first half marathon last May then stopped (bad decision)… you’ll build up to it, and it will go by in a flash. The first time I looked at the time it was 30 minutes in, then it was 2 hours in (I’m slow and finished in 2:48:53). You said you like to train alone, the half gives you lots of time to think! You’ll do great.

  42. it’s funny i read someone having a hard time in running when i just wrote a post about a great i just had. you can read it under my blog, i hope you visit mine. anyway running can be addictive and its really good. 🙂

  43. Congatulations on your first race..I tried to post something before, BURT it didn’t appear.
    I have run over 80,000 miles in 34 years and run races all over the world.
    The best advise that i can give you is TAKE OUR SPORT SERIOUSLY.
    Our sport as it is right now consists of too many Saurday morning garmin wearing yuppies, who USE our sport but don’t really like it.
    The more you pay attention to our sport and gain an appreciation for the history and spirit of the sport, the more fun it will be.
    Pay attention to NCAA cross country, the elite races and meets..for example last weekend were both the NCAA indoor championships and the world indoor championships and they were really cool..
    Our sport on the road running level has been taken over by diletantes who glum on to the sport for charitable reasons or just another healthy form of socializing..
    Nothing against charities, but if that is all you know about the sport, you are missing out.
    Know who Vin Lananna is, know who David Smith is and Martin Smith, is and Alberto Salazar and Shalane Flanagan….read and watch the videos on
    Then going to races will be 1000 times more fun..Congratulations!

  44. Hey! Congrats on your race! I, too, loathe running. And I hate doing it in front of others. However, on Saturday I am doing a St. Patrick’s Day run as well. And I just turned 21!! So yay, I get a free beer too! Hopefully I can come to a “this wasn’t horrible” conclusion too! 🙂

  45. This article was a lot of fun! Totally gonna follow ya- looking fwd to more. I probably never would’ve seen it otherwise, but I’m doing my first walk/run later this month, and I’d decided to start doing this for much the same motivations. Your title caught my eye.

  46. Running a half marathon really isn’t as bad as you think it’s going to be…I’m living proof! I ran my first half marathon Labor Day 2011–best experience of my life. It was totally worth the struggle, and I used to feel the same way about running as you do!

  47. Congratulations! I’m really not sure if I would survive such a race. I hate running and I love it at the same time, but last time I did it I injured my ankle, so I’m having a good excuse for not running now…but I kind of miss it, especially after reading your post!

  48. I’m proud of you! It’s really something you have to see and be a part of to believe, isn’t it? The electric energy of all of the people assembled. I’m training now for my second half-marathon and I think I may be addicted! People wore signs that said incredible things like “You’re so pretty and smart,” and “If it was easy, I’d be doing it!” I laughed out loud as I ran several times. Here’s a link to my recollections of that very first Half Marathon, in case you ever have the time and/or the inclination to check it out. The experience was truly a highlight of my entire life and I can’t wait to do it again in May. Cheers, fellow RunnerGirl!

  49. Congrats on running your first race! I too hate running, but have recently become a little hooked on running races. It keeps me motivated, and since I know I’ll never actually WIN a race, I’ve started competing with myself to beat my own times. It’s pretty exciting when you get a PR!

    Good luck to you, and congrats again!

  50. Cute post and congrats on your first race. My first official 5k was last year (I ended up running two) and I ran my first 8k this year. Running a half-marathon is on my list for this year as well…like you I prefer to run alone, but unlike you, I actually like to run. It’s my thinking time.

    Plus, I advise you to run an evening 5k…they always end with tons of beer. I got my “I hate to run” husband to actually volunteer to run the Oldsmar Taphouse 5k run last year. Good luck!

  51. I enjoyed reading your post. I’m not a runner, but I would like to be. I ran 2-3 miles every other day a couple of years ago, but that stopped when things got busy. It was such a great stress reliever; I need to get back into it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing! I’m going to share your blog on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  52. Kudos to you girl. It really doesn’t matter how fast or slow you ran. The point is completing what you started and that is a personal achievement on any level. Keep it going and you will soon find the fun in completing each race. My first race was 3.7km fun run and I actually enjoyed it. My first 12km was miserable as I finished it with cramps in both legs. I took it easy on my last 7km and spent more time taking pictures and actually enjoyed it so much. It does get better and knowing that I can complete a race that friends fear trying is a reward on its own.
    For those of you who’d like to start running, maybe my blog might help you.
    Or if you keep finding excuses not to run

    • It was the oddest thing but my foot fell asleep half way through the race! I would have almost preferred cramps! Thanks for reading and the advice! I can’t wait to check your blog out!

  53. I ran my first half-marathon 2 years ago and it got me hooked!

    Pro: Running is addictive. Once you get hooked you just get fitter and faster.
    Con: Running is addictive. Before you know it, you’re in the middle of a marathon wondering what on earth you were thinking!

    I just ‘raced’ (slowly) in a St Patrick’s day race too. The free beer was most definitely the highlight!

  54. I use to hate running when I first started training back in 2006. I did it as a form of self healing over a heart break. However a few years of running and tons of road races later, I realized that I loved running! It has finally become a part of my lifestyle. I am currently training for my second full marathon. However, congrats on finishing your race, you are considered epic in my books.

  55. It’s all attitude my love. I also don’t love running, but it’s a lot easier with the mental prep! How else did I run a marathon? And I’ll be right next to you running this race (literally) so we’ll totally make it and rock it! Believe me… it’s a struggle to get out on the roads right now (hence why I’m posting on your blog instead of running!) 🙂 Proud of you for 5 miles! Just think, you’ve run more than that playing a game of lax… you’ve got this! Positive thinking! 🙂

  56. Congrats! Very inspiring! I am about to run my first ever 5K after losing 70lbs! I cannot wait! Would love for you to come by and check out my blog! All the best,


  57. My thoughts on running exactly! Currently training for my first half marathon in June – it’s on my 30 before 30 list and one I’m most dreading. Sometimes I run with my mom’s three legged dog to make myself seem faster – is that wrong?

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  59. As a fellow runner, I should be happy for you and your accomplishment- But I can’t be. If you don’t like to run then don’t but don’t ruin it for those of us that enjoy it. A bucketlist is a list of things one would like to accomplish in their lifetime, things one thinks they would enjoy doing. If you hated 5 miles, you’re going to hate the 8.1 that come after them too. Running is something that takes dedication and heart- dedication you may have but heart you do not.

    Good luck on your journey but I will no longer be reading from this blog.

    • I’m very sorry that I upset you, it wasn’t my intention to offend. I understand that not everybody appreciates sarcasm and my tone. It is not my belief that everything on a bucket list should be easy and fun, I chose to put things on my list that challenge me and are difficult at times. Even though I am not enjoying running at this point, but I have no intention of giving up on it, not only because it is on my list, but because I m running my half marathon in honor of my grandmother who passed away and to raise money for the Dana Farber Institute. I am sorry to hear that you believe I have no heart- that is your prerogative, and I am sorry you do not care for the blog, but that is the beauty of the blogoshpere-you can chose to read/not read whatever you want. Sorry to lose you as a reader, but I’m glad you stopped by to try it out.

    • If a blog post on a personal experience with running can ruin your ability to enjoy running yourself…well then that’s just sad!

      Whit- thanks for writing about running experiences that most people can relate to. It’s very refreshing. And you go girl!

  60. First off, I love your writing style! And I totally agree: there’s just no downside to free beer 😉

    And don’t dread the half marathon!! I HATE/LOATHE/DESPISE running 5 and 10Ks, but the half is awesome! Once you get past the 7 mile marker, you sit there (oh, who am I kidding, there’s no breaks, except when you have to pee) and you keep telling yourself, “I can’t believe I’ve run this far! I can’t quit now!” It’s a great feeling! Plus, the comatose nap that comes after it when you fall through your front door is one of the best naps you’ll ever have. 😉 Just make sure you get up later and go for a nice long walk and stretch 😉

  61. Congratulations firstly on such an excellent post, it truly is amazing and secondly congratulations on completing the run and earning a free beer (why doesn’t every race do this!?)

    I’m running the equivalent of a full maraton on my own (!!!) for charity in a month and this post has really helped me not to dread it so much. Your light-hearted take on running has eased my nerves somewhat largely, so thank you very much.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I try not to take my attempts t running too seriously- otherwise it would be way too depressing! It definitely helps to try and stay light hearted. Good luck with your running!

  62. I absolutely love your website.. Great colors & theme. Did you build this web site yourself? Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my very own website and would like to find out where you got this from or what the theme is named. Thanks!

    • Hi there! Parts of it are my own and parts are from wordpress. The theme is wordpress, I believe it is “coraline” I made all the buttons myself…let me know if you need to know anything else!

  63. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon everyday. It’s always useful to read through articles from other writers and use something from their sites.

  64. I just ran my very first race on Saturday! It was actually an obstacle course-mud run thing, and it was awesome! And painful! ‘course, I am MUCH older than you, but I was running with a girl your age who also was dragging ass, so I felt better. It was 6 miles. I swore never to do it again. Guess who’s going to be doing it again in May? So, great blog! Glad to find you!

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