Have you noticed anything different about my blog today? No? Well for those of you who are extremely unobservant…take a quick glance to your right…yuppp…right there. See it?  Those pretty pink buttons?  Well they are brand new and I am slightly obsessed with them.  If you click them (and you know you want to) they will lead you to my twitter page, facebook page, and wordpress page.  And they’re pink. And they’re pretty.

Now, you know I did not create those beautiful blush buttons on my own…I’m barely capable of turning my MAC on each morning.  So no, they were not my creation.  They were made for me by a fellow blogger friend Naomi, who is a very talented blogger (check her blog out here), a mother, button making whiz kid, who is into typography, design, and baking.

Naomi was super sweet and offered to design these buttons for me in her free time (I don’t know how she has free time between blogging and mommying!), and even better, she made them PINK!  My favorite!  So yes, I am slightly obsessed with my new buttons, and will probably sit here all day and click them (Naomi was also kind enough to walk me through the process of linking the pretty buttons to the pages, because I couldn’t even handle that), and you should too!

So a BIG HUGE SUPER LOUD AND LARGE EXTRA EXCITED THANK YOU TO NAOMI for my pretty buttons! You are the best and thank you so much for doing this!  And really, her blog is super awesome and beautifully designed, so go check it out!


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