Running.  Have I adequately described my feeling about running to you yet? If not then I am going to make this very clear: I HATE RUNNING.

I started my training back up again.  I was kind of hoping (ok I was delirious) that I could just jump back in and I’d be at the same point I had left off at before Vegas-HAH.  Ya no. I’ve run 3 times this week and each time was more miserable than the last.  My shins hurt, my ankle hurt, the brace that I wore to stop my ankle from hurting hurt. Running.  Woof.

Good news is that I purchased a new running accessory, a blindingly neon green running shirt to wear during my race this weekend-which I actually don’t want to think about because the second I started my heart starts to race, my head gets foggy, little black dots appear before my eyes.  I think this reaction is my body’s way of keeping me from imagining the absolute agony that running five miles will be. However this shirt serves two purposes:one its awesome and bright and it will help me get in the St. Patrick’s day spirit, and two: it will make it easier for rescue worker to find my body when I die somewhere along the race route.  Win, win.

Alas, I really just have to suck it up and run the race.  Because really, what’s five miles compared to the THIRTEEN POINT ONE MILES I have to run in May?  Crap.  Why did I put this on the list again?  I remember thinking something along the lines of getting in shape, and achieving a long term goal, but that doesn’t mean much to me now. I thnk if I keep imagining the beer I get to chug at the race, I’ll make it though.  Barely.

So please, send me some good vibes, lots of energy, and pray for my survival.  You’ll know I didn’t make it if this blog never gets updated again. Sigh.  Thanks for reading.  xo Whitney


22 thoughts on “R*##&%G

  1. “it will make it easier for rescue worker to find my body when I die somewhere along the race route. Win, win.”

    hahahaha! I would never let that happen to you. Good luck this weekend. YOU CAN DO IT (in the voice that the weird guy in all of the Adam Sandler movies uses).

  2. Congrats on becoming a famous blogger. 🙂 I clicked on here because your post was about running. I am a half-marathoner and I wonder if you’re running the same one as me in May – but I don’t know where you live, so probably not. I look forward to reading more about your running adventures. Even though you hate running. :p

  3. I once said I never wanted to run more than a 5K. That was almost 6 years ago.
    Some people get addicted and can’t stop 😉

    I won’t say I am addicted to running, but I love breaking personal records and competing with myself. I think I can safely say I won’t run any more marathons, but I did get addicted to halves, relays, and shorter distances

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