Running.  Woof.  This may come as a big surprise to all of you…but I didn’t run while I was in Vegas.  Ollie and I joked about it, and were awed/confused by the few people we saw attempting to run along the crowded strip (I mean really, you couldn’t have found a slightly less populated place to exercise?), but when I was packing my carry on bag, my running shoes didn’t even make it on the “maybe I’ll pack it if there’s room” list.  They were on the “I would only bring these if I as flying private and could bring all the luggage I want list”.

So ya, I didn’t run while I was in Vegas.  I know you’re shocked. But I did have every intention of picking up my training schedule right where I left off, with a brisk 3 miler on Monday afternoon. But then I decided to go rock climbing.  So I swore I would run on Tuesday to make up for it.  But then I was sore from rock climbing and had a volleyball double header.  Ok, if I didn’t go Monday or Tuesday I had to go Wednesday.  But then I thought I was getting sick.  THAT’S IT! YOU HAVE TO GO RUNNING ON THURSDAY! But then there was a snowstorm.  Friday was an absolute must.  Had to run Friday.  But then I had to spend my break arguing with the people at Sprint trying to get a new phone.

So now I haven’t run in about two weeks.  Whoops.  I was so furious with myself at my lack of discipline that I did something crazy-I signed up for a 5 mile race….next Sunday

Woof.  i already regret this decision.  The farthest I’ve gotten in my training is 3 miles, and I’ve taken the last two weeks off.  Time to throw it into over drive and get to stepping (or should I say running?).  Tomorrow I WILL be resuming my training with a cool 6 miles.  I will probably die.

The upside to this whole “race next week” situation is that I will get some actual race practice in before my half marathon, and that’s probably a good thing to have.  It also seems like a pretty fun race.  Its the Paddy’s Five Miler (Paddy’s is a restaurant in Portsmouth), and people dress up like leprechauns, you get t-shirts, and a pint glass to chug a beer at the end of the race.  If I’m going to punish  myself and sign up for a race, I really couldn’t have picked a better one.  I haven’t seen people chug beers after running since my friends attempted a beer-mile in college (no, you don’t want to know).

Hopefully the threat of this race looming over my head will give me the motivation to run this weekend and all next week.  And hopefully I don’t die.

You can check out the race I will be running in here: Wish me luck and thanks for reading! xo Whitney


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