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#9…gamble at a casino….and actually win some money? Yes? YES! BOOM!

Let me tell you…this was a dangerous thing to put on my list, very dangerous indeed.  I have a slightly addictive personality and very easily could have spent all the money I have to my name at the roulette tables or slot machines.  You just sit there, and push a button on a machine, lights flash, number spin, scantily clad waitresses bring you free drinks, you lose money, you win money, you lose more money.

The worst thing about gambling (particularly on the slots) is that you always feel as if you are just one. more. time. away. from. hitting. it. big.  Which of course you almost never do.  Unless you are the .0001% that win thousands of dollars on a slot machine. But it’s just so hard to walk away!  What if you leave? What if you leave, and you were just one more spin away from the millions?  What a missed opportunity.  You always have to play just one more time.  Just one more time, just one more dollar, one more loss, and then you know, you’ll hit it big.  how can you not? You’ve already put $50 in the freaking machine-it has to happen eventually!

Yes, the slot machines were a bit of a black hole for me, but the nice thing about those is you only lose about a penny each spin (which incidentally is also the bad things about slots because you think to yourself “eh, its just a penny.  So what? who cares?” and then magically the $20 you put into the machine is gone), the roulette table however, that’s where you can lose big money.

Let me preface this by saying: roulette is NOT my game.  I won on occasion, every once in a while the wheel would come up on black, and the rush of adrenaline would be so great I’d have to let it ride. And then it would promptly come up red again.  Roulette is not my game.  It was however Ollie’s game.  He dominated the roulette tables, which was great from him, but not so good for me because I was usually betting against him (bad, BAD, choice).  He bet red 8 times in a row, AND IT CAME UP RED 8 TIMES IN A ROW!!!!! The odds of that are minimal.  Less than minimal.  But somehow it did.  Every freaking time.  And every freaking time it came up red I thought to my self, “that’s 4 (5,6,7,8) times in a row!  IT HAS TO COME UP BLACK NEXT!”  I was convinced that black would come up, so I kept putting my money on it.  Nope.  Black didn’t come up.  Roulette, not my game.

Slots however, I dominated those.  The first day, didn’t go so great, I think my largest winnings were $13 (but I had to put 7 in to get that…) But days 2 &3, I ran the slots.

I had a lucky machine that I affectionately call Lola.  Lola was my lady.  She was a giver.  She just gave and gave and gave.  And I took.  I put $5 in Lola and she gave me a whopping $128 in return!  I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK.  I don’t actually understand how slots work.  They’re very confusing.  I’m still unsure which combination you need to win the big money as it differs on each machine.  So when Lola came up with two “wild cherries” and a 5x multiplier, I wasn’t expecting all that much.  I was convinced she would top off around $20.  Bu I watched the number of winnings grow, and grow, and grow, and I was in complete shock.  How did this happen? Nobody wins at slots!  NOBODY EXCEPT FOR ME!  Lola was even kind enough to give me an additional $40 the following day.  Boom.

I am sorry to say that I definitely went on a spending spree after my big winnings and blew almost all of it on food, drinks, shot-glasses, etc., but hey, its the memories that matter, right?

Lucky Lady Lola


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