Aaaaaand she’s back!

Cue the welcome home music…I’m thinking something along the lines of Mase’s “Welcome Back” or “Hail the Conquering Hero”.  Either or, I’m really not too picky.  Anyways, rumors are true, Ollie and I survived Las Vegas and we are back! As an added bonus we are coming back with out a criminal record, and we still have some money to our names.

We had an AMAZING time!  I love everything about Las Vegas.  The energy, the lights, the food, the people, the sparkles, everything.  We tried desperately to stay an extra day, but flights were too expensive to change, so we tried to win big enough to pay the ridiculous flight change fees-ya, that didn’t work. Woof.

Aside from eating amazing food, drinking very creative drinks, being blinded by neon, and being star struck I was also able to cross a lot of things off THE LIST! Including:

3. Visit somewhere in the US I’ve never been before

9. Gamble at a casino

17. Witness something jaw-dropping

9. Rent a car

I’m not going to post about crossing all those items off right now-it would be an incredibly long post!  But fear not, they will be forthcoming!  For now it just feels good to be at home, wrapped up in my own blanket, editing my photos and recovering from vacation.

For those of you who would like to see some photos from the trip you can see them here:

Disclaimer: It was only Ollie and I on the trip, and Ollie hates having his photo taken, so get ready for lots of self-takes, awkward single photos, and pictures of Ollie’s back….

Thanks for reading! xo Whitney


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