Vegas Bound

All right boys and girls!  I am officially un-plugging and going off grid for a couple of days while I’m in LAS VEGAS!  Please wish me luck so that I can avoid:

  • Getting arrested (although I have always wanted to take my Uncle Randy up on his offer for bail money…)
  • Getting accused of counting cards, being taken out back and having my fingers chopped off one by one
  • Not getting accused of counting cards and losing all of my money in the casinos
  • Accidentally driving off the Hoover Dam
  • Ending up on the roof of Cesar’s palace sunburned and alone (Hangover anyone?)

If I can avoid any and all of those things I will consider the trip an immense success. I’ve got a very special good luck token on loan from my dad-it’s a gold one dollar token from the Aladdin hotel (no longer in existence) that his brother gave to him from a trip to Vegas in 1966.  I am 100% positive that this chip is going to bring me the good luck I need and that I will hit the money in Vegas.  You’ll know this has happened when my next posts includes photos of me on the French Riviera.

Thanks for Reading! Xo Whitney


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