Hello all!  Just wanted to give you an update on my half-marathon efforts!  Unfortunately they’ve been stalled for the week due to rainy days and extreme shin pain. I tried a couple of economical self-fixes, but Misha was right, I wasn’t smart enough to type my shins on my own.  So I stopped running, hoping they would heal themselves.

I decided that in order to help the shin-situation I would get new running shoes.  I went down to Runner’s Alley this morning for a fancy new pair of running shoes.  The ladies at RA are kind of geniuses.  They know everything about running, they were also completely aghast at the state of my current running shoes. They insisted I needed a new pair about a year ago, and were convinced that they were the cause of my shin pain.

After trying on a million, ok 8, pairs of shoes, they finally brought out the big guns.  They prefaced the arrival of these shoes by saying “they’re the cadillac of running shoes.”  BOOM.  I was already sold.  I tried them on and they were like running on a cloud-I was practically prancing around the store, and I’m about to take them for a spin right now!

See? Aren’t they puuuuuurdyyy?
So yay!  Training can resume again!  On another note- I HAVE REACHED MY FUNDRAISING GOAL!! $500 has been raised for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in memory of Amma.  THank you SO MUCH to everyone who has donated!  It means so much to me.  Didn’t get a chance to donate?  That’s ok!  You still can!  The site will be open until June 6th, one month after the race, and donations will be accepted until then.  Cancer won’t beat us-we’ll beat it!  HOpefully this race won’t beat me first!


Thanks for reading! xo Whitney

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