New Look

Ahhh I see you’ve noticed the blog’s new look (really, how could you miss it?)  Honestly, I was just really jealous of my friend Carley’s blog (  and how awesome it looked.  P.S. Carley, good luck ever getting me to admit being jealous of you again….cuz it aint gonna happen (I can actually see my mother shuddering at that last sentence-sorry mum!)  Seriously though, her blog is pretty cool and you should head over there and check it out!  Anywhoooo, if you’re digging the blog’s new look (and I know you are) feel free to “follow” it officially!  It’s super easy, just click the follow button (there may be a litttttle bit more to it than that-but come one, what else do you have to do?)  I’ve got to admit I’m having a lot of fun watching the “page view” counter at the bottom of the page climb-but I’d love to know who it is who is viewing!  Seriously…follow me…you know you wanna….


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