I don’t love running…

I don’t love running. Despite everybody telling me “oh you’ll learn to love it” or “just wait, it’ll grow on you”. Ya, no.  It hasn’t.  And let’s be honest, I don’t really think it will.  I don’t love running, buuuutttt…..I have found something I like about it. The accessories.  The accessories are awesome.

It started with my new shoes (which I love).  I bought those and suddenly had the desire to buy everything I would need to look like a professional runner.  Next, I bought socks.  The most expensive socks I have ever bought in my life.  They’re fancy schmancy Asics made out of a secret super breathe-able fabric with special supports in the arches and yada yada yada.  They’re awesome.  They don’t give me any blisters like my stupid old cotton ones did.

After the socks, it was running tops.  Do you know what the best thing about running clothes are? They’re bright.  Super bright. They are glow-in-the-dark, a car couldn’t hit me by accident if it tried bright.  To me, bright happens to equal awesome.  I have purchased two new running shirts, one with awesome holes for my thumbs, and one that is so bright that one of my co-workers called me a “beacon” today. I love them both, and want more, brighter, better ones.

My favorite new running accessory has to be my new ipod shuffle. I absolutely love it.  It is tiny, and pink, and clips right onto my new running tops and I love it.  I purchased it out of necessity.  I found that the longer runs I was attempting on the weekend were agonizing.  They were agonizing because A) I was running for long distances and B) because I was bored out of my mind. I’ve gotten up to 3-4 miles on weekends, which at my pace is a solid 30-40 minutes of running time.  And during that entire time I had absolutely nothing to take my mind off the fact that I was running, and that made it so much worse.

So I committed the worst running faux pas in the world, I bought an ipod.  I know, I know, I can hear all the “real” runners groaning.  You’re not supposed to listen to music when you run.  You’re supposed to listen to your heart beat, breathing, and footsteps on the pavement.  Ya. That wasn’t cutting it for me.  So I did it, I broke all the rules, and I now listen to music when I run.  I’ve found that I finish my runs much stronger when I have Akon yelling in my ear telling me that I’m a “sexy bitch”.  True story.


Me with two of my new accessories.  Please note that my face is the same color as my shirt because I had just finished a run.
Thanks for reading! xo Whitney

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