Going Dark

I’m joining the movement and blacking out for 24 hours…no I don’t mean in a “Saturday night freshman year of college” kind of way.  I’m joining wikipedia, google, craigslist, findinggravity.com, and a myriad of other websites in their pursuit of internet freedom.  The SOPA and PIPA in the congress and senate are a direct threat to the free and open internet.  Although they were created to battle piracy (no-not Jack Sparrow) they have the ability to censor millions of Americans on the internet.  DIS IS NOT OKAY!  Wouldn’t you just die if your ability to read my inspiring words each day was taken away?  I know you would.  So, join the movement, blackout, support the stopping of the SOPA and PIPA laws, and fear not, the pretty blog will be back tomorrow 🙂


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