#6….stay up all night.  I’ve got to admit, I’ve already done this one (several times!)  But my favorite stay-up-all-night experience had to be with my roommates (+ Leslie) senior year of college.

It was during senior week and a couple of days before graduation, and it was the night of something called “the last chance dance”.  This was a seniors only dance, and the theory is that its your last chance to kiss that person you’ve always wanted to kiss since graduation was only a few days away.

We had a great time pregaming for the dance, and at the dance itself.  Then we got the great idea to stay up all night and watch the sunrise, which at that point in the night was easier said than done.  I’m pretty sure that at one point Sara somehow produced a scooter and was riding around our dorm room on it in her PJs and her graduation cap.  Needless to say, it was an interesting night.

Somehow we made it to sunrise with out anyone falling asleep, or dying.  We all went to the quad to sit by the statue and watch the sunrise.  And it was an epic fail.   It was so cloudy that the sunrise was blocked and you couldn’t see a thing.  Ever since, we’ve referred to it as “the night we watched the clouds get brighter”.  The sunrise was lackluster, but it was one of the most fun nights of my life.


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