#14 on THE LIST is enter an eating contest…this is one of the ones on the list that I have already done.  This summer I thought it would be a really good idea to enter an eating contest Man v. Food style (for those of you who don’t know Man v. Food is a tv show where this guy travels around the country doing different food challenges). I wanted to do JP’s eatery challenge in Durham NH, where you need to eat 15 sliders, a large fry and a milkshake in an hour…I’m pretty convinced I could have successfully finished this challenge…although my little brother Charlie has tried and failed the slapshot challenge before…I had a strategy and everything.

Anyway, Ollie convinced me that if I tried to eat all that I would vomit everywhere.  So I settled on a a local food challenge that wouldn’t include me having to eat about 10 lbs worth of food.  Around the corner from our apt. is a wing joint called wing-itz and they have the “el diablo challenge”.  NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT THE EL DIABLO CHALLENGE, YOU WILL DIE.  The challenge is that you have to eat 10 of the restaurant’s el diablo wings in 10 minutes, no drinks, no blue cheese, and no wiping your hands.  I wasn’t worried about the time restraint, I can house wings, it was the spice I was afraid of.

I should have known from the second I signed up for the challenge and the waitress said, “wait, really? are you crazy?” that I was pretty much doomed.  I figured I wouldn’t be successful, so I set my sights a little lower, and decided that I wanted to finish at least 5 wings in the 10 minutes.  Pipe dream.

One bight into the first wing and my eyes were watering, about 10 seconds later and tears were streaming down my face.  My second bite in and my lips were burning and swelling.  I finished the first wing with puffy Angelina Jolie lips crying my eyes out.  I didn’t proceed to wing number 2.  I did however run to the bathroom and puke.  I think I would have been better off with the sliders.  Much better.

Ollie thought this was all absolutely hilarious, however he was nice enough to pay for the meal while I was in the bathroom puking up fire.  I however was determined to prove that I wasn’t a total wimp and that the wings were actually coated in liquid fire, so I brought them into work for the boys to cry.  I felt better that at least 3 of the guys started once they made contact with the wing, apparently this is a knee-jerk reaction to ghost peppers (the hottest pepper in the world BY THE WAY).  And one or two were even sporting Jolie lips after their wing too.

So, this challenge was a complete and utter failure, however it is certainly something I will never forget, and one hell of a story.


Thank you for reading! xo Whitney


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